Sunday, July 25, 2004

Monorail News, 25 Jul 2004

Las Vegas Monorail Rolls Above Strip Traffic (The New York Times) - It's been called a Disneyland for adults, and now Las Vegas has one more attraction to make that analogy fit: a monorail. Faced with perpetual traffic jams on the Strip, Las Vegas opened a monorail line on July 15 that can whisk passengers to any of seven stations that serve nine resorts and the city's convention center.

Monorail Debate: No-bid deal fuels skeptics
(Las Vegas Review-Journal) - Perception about whether the monorail is a monument to community good will or a patronage operation might depend upon whom you trust. Skeptics say it's hard to know what's going on. They fret that no-bid contracting with minimal disclosure leaves the system -- and millions of dollars in cash flowing downstream -- woefully unaccountable.

Monorail recall effort certified (The Seattle Times) - Unless the Seattle Monorail Project is able to derail it, a ballot measure that could kill the proposed 14-mile elevated train project will go before Seattle voters in November. King County Elections yesterday certified that Initiative 83, sponsored by Monorail Recall, had gathered the required 17,229 signatures to put the measure on the ballot. County officials said they verified 17,250 signatures before certifying it for the ballot.


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