Friday, November 07, 2003

Light Rail News, 7 Nov 2003

Opinion: Light rail--and commuters--move ahead (Seattle Post Intelligencer) - by Greg Nickels, Seattle Mayor. "The benefits from light rail, of course, will be felt throughout the city. The hub system we are building will transform how our city grows and how we think about mobility."

Editorial: A deeper hole for light rail (Seattle Post Intelligencer) - No court decision, no matter how favorable, may be able to bridge the breach of public trust if the agency insists on collecting a tax that voters thought they'd repealed.

Column: When light rail ran like Enron (Houston Chronicle) - The result was a highly successful real estate development and a prosperous light rail line -- eventually. But along the way, Carter indulged in another dimension of free enterprise. Let's call it his Early Enron Period.


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